Okotoks Business Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures

Come experience the incredible landscapes of the Alberta Foothills and the Rocky Mountains by taking a guided tour on a sidecar motorcycle.  Enjoy the vistas and views while reveling in the freedom of the open road.  Engage your senses, and immerse yourself in the adventure.

Rocky Mountain SidecarCatch the scent of mountain streams and tall pine forests, or let us bring you to a picnic spot near the headwaters of a glacial stream. Or, design your own guided adventure through spectacular scenery on an unforgettable sidecar motorcycle!

Experienced drivers, fully insured and offering guided tours in English, French, Swiss German, Portuguese, and Japanese.  Our drivers are able to share information about the history of the Foothills as well as ensure your tour is safe, engaging and memorable.  We’re excited to share our love of Okotoks, Calgary and the Foothills region through a sidecar adventure!

Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures was established in 2015.  They provide guided tours of Calgary and surrounding area on sidecar motorcycles!  Their tours are sensory-filled experiences that showcase the spectacular landscapes and incredible views of Okotoks, the city of Calgary, and the Foothills region.  They have combined their love of riding sidecar motorcycles with their appreciation of the incredible southern Alberta backdrop.

Tours: Calgary downtown-core tours to highlight the historical, cultural and architectural sights of Calgary, Calgary city tours to viewpoints showcasing vistas of Calgary, Foothills scenery tours along the Cowboy Trail, and adventurous tours to Blue Rock Creek in Sheep River Provincial Park.  They have also partnered with vendors in the Foothills to provide food and beverage stop options along our routes.

For more information:

Rocky Mtn Sidecar Adventure logoNicole Egli & Warren Cummins, Owner/Operator
Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures

Website:  www.rockymountainsidecar.com


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Phone:   403-462-7450