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Oilfields High School Teachers vs Students Hockey Game


IMG_4358Friday, March 27th at Oilfields Regional Arena there was a hockey game between the teachers and students from Oilfields High. 14 teachers faced off against 3 student teams with a total 34 players. The teachers had to really work and put in a great effort but the kids won out: 9 to 7.

There were some contests to keep things interesting also.

Contest winners:

  • Make that shape: Frankie Love and Krystal LeLonde
  • Shooting competition: Dawson Zdebiak and Venus Sampson-Taber
  • Best Dancer: Dawson Suitor
  • Best Dressed in Driller Wear: Cat Weaver

The Players

On the teachers team:

  • Kristen Ahearn
  • Kyle Rawson
  • Leigh Bretzlaff IMG_4360IMG_4363 IMG_4387
  • Jessica Pariseau
  • Phil Standen
  • Rob Gallagher
  • Chase Silito
  • Garver Wong
  • Sherry Shalm
  • Dave Toews
  • Markes Fredriksen
  • Karen Larter
  • Paige Bowman
  • Bryce Letkemen

The Grade 11/12 Student Team:

  • Tanner Stabsdown
  • Cole Goss
  • Colten Evans
  • Rydan Powell
  • Lane Oulette
  • Russell Grusing
  • Fredrick Conway
  • Tyler Whiteside
  • Mykayla Hart
  • James Whidden

The 9/10 Student Team:

  • Jesse Palamar
  • Chase Fisher
  • Eric Teskey
  • Jeremy Jimmo
  • Albi Benjamen
  • Kaiden Powell
  • Hayden Brown
  • Blake Paul
  • Lina King
  • Ethan Benjamen
  • Cody Foley
  • Kyle Foley
  • Isiah Seaman
  • Colten MacKay

The Goalies:

  • Ethan Benjamen
  • Hunter Virostek

The 7/8 Student Team:

  • Justin Scott
  • Cole Almusa
  • Rolly Smith
  • Dory Stabsdown
  • Calum Kirk
  • Colten Studd
  • Logan Tymstra
  • David King
  • Chloe Jachymek
  • Ty Scott


  • Cody Evans
  • Jacob Ledoux

Thank You

Thanks to the scorekeepers and sound team of Beth-Anne, Alexi Oborne and Brielle Goss! Also to Elise Denning for her figure skating routine.
And of course to all those in the audience who cheered on their teams!

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