Oilfields High School: Rural Living Can Earn School Credits


Do you work or live on an acreage, farm or ranch?

The Green Certificate (GC) program is an on-farm apprenticeship-style training program aimed at high school students and adults. It is a joint venture of Alberta Agriculture and Alberta Education.

There are nine ‘specialties’ in the GC program: Cow/Calf, Dairy, Equine, Feedlot, Field Crop, Irrigated Field Crop, Sheep, Swine & Beekeeping.

High school students can earn up to 16 credits towards their high school diploma by taking part in the Green Certificate program. If you think this might be of interest to you, please contact Ms. Morck to find out how to register to attend this information session about Green Certificate at Foothills Composite School. The session is being held on September 30th at 7pm. Parents are required to attend.