Oilfields High School Partnering with Sheep River Library!

Oilfields High School is committed to preparing our students for the future. Over the years there have been many changes to the way education is delivered to our students and as a school we want to take advantage of the best resources to help our students succeed. This year we are partnering with Sheep River Library to bring a wider range of print and digital resources to our students and their families.

Our local library is part of the Marigold Library System which provides an amazing array of resources in their brick-and-mortar libraries and online to use from home.

Oilfields High School is going to make available to each student a Sheep River library card. We are delighted to collaborate with our local library and the Marigold Library System and are excited about the many great resources that we are going to share with the students to enhance their learning and digital literacy through this project. We will be sending out information and vouchers before the end of this month. We are hosting a joint evening event at Sheep River Library on September 30th for families and students to attend to hear more about the project and start redeeming the vouchers.

Over the course of this year our Learning Commons Librarian will be working with all our students, staff and parents to learn what resources are available and how to access them.