Oilfields High School: Mental Health Awareness Conference

Any students in grades 11 who are interested in the issue of Mental Health awareness are invited to apply to attend a FREE international conference in Toronto! Young people recognize that it’s time to start doing things a little differently. And who better to develop workable, sustainable initiatives for change than students themselves? That’s why Jack Summit is student inspired, student-organized and student led.

Each year, Jack Summit brings together some of the best and brightest young leaders from universities, colleges and high schools across Canada to transform the way we think about mental health. It’s more than just a conference – it’s a student-led movement to fundamentally transform the way that we think and talk about mental health. Students will return to their respective communities equipped with the ideas and tools that they need to create real change.

Please speak to Ms. Morck if you would like your child to attend this conference to come back and make a difference in our school community.