Oilfields High School – 2015 Black and Gold Awards

(We apologize in advance that some of the photos haven’t turned out well for this event, unfortunately this isn’t something that can accommodate retakes.)

The final Black and Gold Awards Ceremony of the 2014-2015 school year opened with the singing of our National Anthem by Kassy Pratt (see video at the bottom of this article).

Invited and present dignitaries to honour the Oilfields’ students during the final Black and Gold Awards Ceremony were:

  • Mayor of Turner Valley: Kelly Tuck
  • Mayor of Black Diamond: Councillor Mike Ross
  • Mayor Of Longview: Cliff Ayrey (unable to attend)
  • Planet Auto in T.V.: Gerarda Denning (unable to attend)
  • A.T.B. Financial: Marlene Rycks & Denise Labine
  • Royal Canadian Legion: Verna Staples
  • Free Spirit Award: Jennifer Briggs
  • Griffiths Memorial Center Association: Andy Melnyk
  • Ben Steiger Award: Dr. Wayne Steiger and Steve White
  • Trustees: Jeannine Tucker

The Following is a list of all Awards and the Recipients:

John Standish Scholarship – Elise Denning

Awarded to a grade 12 student whose depth of character is attested to by hard work, good marks, involvement in sports and a commitment to further education.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 002 1

Cunning Scholarship – May Bunn

Awarded to a grade 12 student who is pursuing a career in medicine or a related discipline and whose personality has had a positive impact on the school.


Frank Braithwaite Citizenship Award – Kaiden Powell

Sponsored by the Family Medical Centre

Awarded to a grade 10 student who has achieved high grades, has a positive attitude, good behavior, strong work habits, and has made a significant contribution to the life of the school and community.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 004 1

Wilmar Sorge Memorial Award – Lindy Malmberg

Sponsored by Sweets and Blooms & Planet Auto, in memory of  Wilmar Sorge

Wilmar Sorge was a student at OHS at the time of his death, April 1, 1989. Wilmar was a good student with a passion for mechanics and had decided to follow his Dad and other brothers in this profession. Wilmar, at age 16, had rebuilt a 1960 VW bug, which his family still take great pride in today. To honor his memory his family has sponsored this scholarship to encourage other young people with the same passion

Awarded to a student from grade 9,10,11 or 12 who has completed an industrial education  or special project of exceptional quality.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 005 1

Jerry Caumartin Memorial Award – Jordan Rogers

Awarded to a grade 9 student who has shown a lively interest in mathematics and has contributed to the quality of the math program. Awarded in memory of Jerry Caumartin who passed away shortly after graduating from OHS.

Presented by Austin Caumartin

Bryan Clarke Award – Tashena Daniels

Royal Canadian Legion Turner Valley. #78. Scholarship – Jake Bews

Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion and presented by Verna Staples

Awarded to a grade 12 student who is pursuing further education, has been involved in school activities and has participated in community activities.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 007 1

Royal Canadian Legion Bursary – May Bunn, Zarah Pearse and Levi Meston (Zarah is missing from photo due to a diploma exam)

Presented by Verna Staples

Awarded to three grade 12 students going to College or University, who have a relative who served with the Canadian armed forces and who have contributed to both the school and wider community.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 008 1

ATB Citizenship Award – KJ Wi

Presented by Marlene Rycks & Denise Labine

Sponsored by ATB Financial

Awarded to a grade 11 student who strives for good marks, shows respect for others, and is involved in extracurricular activities in the school and community.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 009 1

Ben Steiger Memorial Scholarship – Jake Bews, Jaelynn Varty

Presented by Dr Wayne Steiger and Steve White

The requirements of a qualified recipient are as follows:

1)    Graduation from high school

2)    Registered in and accepted to a training, apprenticeship or post-secondary institute

3)    Have a passion and respect for life and learning, in relation to the way that Ben Steiger lived his life.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 010 1

Colton Briggs Free Spirit Award – Colby Willis

Presented by Jennifer Briggs

This award is presented to a student who has a zest for life and learning.  The student has been identified as a friend to all, one who does not let bullying happen and is a person who will stand up for the underdog.

Oilfields High School Community Service Award – Cassandra Leis

Presented by Scott Carey

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 012 1

Griffiths Memorial Center Association Bursary – Kayla Hughes

Presented by Andy Melnyk

Awarded to a grade 12 student who volunteers in the community and in school. Preference given to a student who’s volunteering focuses on seniors in our community.

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 013 1

Honours and Honours With Distinction certificates were presented to qualifying students in each grade, the criteria for these certificates are:

Grades 7 and 8:


Across all core subjects and option classes, students will have attained ALL PROFICIENT with a MINIMUM of ONE MASTERY. Students will not have ANY acceptable or beginning on their report card.


Across all core subjects and option classes, students will have attained ALL PROFICIENT with a MAXIMUM of ONE ACCEPTABLE. Students will not have ANY beginning on their report card.

Grades 9 to 12:

To receive Honours with Distinction recognition a student must have:

  •    Achieved a credit-weighted report card average of 85% or greater with no mark below 70%.

To receive Honours recognition a student must have:

  •    Achieved a credit-weighted report card average of 80% or greater while achieving at an acceptable standard in all classes.

[one_half]Grade 7
Honours with Distinction
Kealey Atkinson
Jaden Bilyk
Kiera Bretzlaff
Mackenzie Farnell-Scheller
Addie Hynscht
Chloe Jachymek
Susanna Kiffiak
Frankie Love
Alis Marin
Alexandra Matthews
Matthew Nadeau
Jaedyn Neufeld
Nikita Palamar
Brittany Zdebiak

Reagan Anderson
Kai Baker
Kas Kingston
Amica Milne
Kelsi Murrin
Delanie Nering
Haley Orum[/one_half][one_half_last]Grade 8
Honours with Distinction
Jace Bews
Ethan Brown
Cody Evans
Brielle Goss
Logan Tymstra
Woo Wi
Dawson Zdebiak

Leiam Carter
Abigail Dyke
Isabella Hogg
Hayden Jansen
Tarran Klopp
Kyra Mandel
Alexi Oborne
Lance Ponton
Justin Scott
Kaehler Turcotte

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 017 1[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Grade 9
Honours with Distinction
Jacob Libbus
Nicholas Nadeau
Ashley Nelson
Jade Nelson
Jesse Palamar
CJ Pigeault
Jordan Rogers
Shannon White

Pacen Anderson
Albi Benjamin
Sienna Bowker
Hunter Carter
Ben Collyer
Josie Hughes
Paula Josefiak
Jayden Liggins
Willow McDonald
Sierra Virostek
Nick Warkman

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 019 1[/one_half][one_half_last]Grade 10
Honours with Distinction
Fuente Camara, Karla
Zacaruk, Monica
Powell, Kaiden
Foley, Cody
Fuente Camara, Ana
Foley, Kyle

King, Lina
Paul, Blake
Griffin, Shayla
Braun, Katelyn
Grusing, Riley
Bont, Tyson
Mason, Connor
Nagel, Pierce
Hrubant, Christian
Turcotte, Jennifer
Benjamin, Ethan

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 022 1[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Grade 11
Honours with Distinction
Wong, Jaime
Duckworth, Noelle
Stromberg, Zoee
Burton, Morgan
Blower, Jimmy
Whidden, James
Grimwood, Hannah
Nelson, Nevada
Willis, Keegan
Lees, Carra

Caron, Austin
Ponton, Jacob
Ranks, Jillian
Foster, John
Warkman, Samantha
Poland, Colten
Tucker, Harley
Virostek, Hunter
Hill, Hayley

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 024 1[/one_half][one_half_last]Grade 12
Honours with Distinction
Reinke, Lucian
Varty, Jaelynn
Lowry, Riel
Bunn, May
Denning, Elise
Kissick, Carter

Grusing, Russell
Stabsdown, Tanner
Meston, Levi
Blower, Tommy
Biddle, Keifer
Thibodeau, Sloan

2015-06-12 OHS Black and Gold 026 1[/one_half_last]

The Gallagher Award is given to a Graduating student who best embodies what it means to be a Driller:

Dedication; Respect; Integrity; Learning; Leadership; Excellence; Responsibility

Scott Carey presented this prestigious award to the graduating student who “represents everything we are proud of in this community: integrity, honesty, diligence and service.” – Beth Anne Staples

Beth Anne was also presented with a Driller Hoodie with thanks from everyone expressed by Nadine Russell.

Scott Carey then presented the entire staff with a Thank You of appreciation with special recognition going to the staff members who are leaving the school this year: Garver Wong, Paige Bowman, Jessica Pariseau, Daniel Tieman and Christine MacPherson.


Scott also thanked the large number of people who have given their time and energy to our school community over the last year saying, “Oilfields is a true community school and we take enormous pride in that fact”.

Jeannine Tucker: Food and Trustee

Gym & Foyer set up: students (Grade 9 P.E.)

Technical set up: Beth Anne Staples, Garrett Dyer and Nadine Russell

Table and awards  organization: Shelley Young and Nadine Russell

Stage crew: Jenissa, Taylor, Shayna, Mykayla

Performing Artists: Kassy, Kaiden, Jaylah, Kealey, Jaelynn

Powerpoint: Beth Anne Staples, Carol Gauzer, Markes Fredriksen, Talia and Dayna

Office Staff: Carol Gauzer, Katie Hein, Nicole Lansdell

Organization: Chris Hughes, Nadine Russell, and Markes Fredriksen

Paulette Morck and Scholarship committee

Guests & Sponsors

Parents and students at OHS

(Again our apologies in regards to the photos.)

The ceremony was interspersed with various performances by talented students. Please enjoy this video showcasing them.