Oilfields High: Once a Driller…..

Every day at Oilfields School students demonstrate what it means to be a Driller.

You may not know that Driller stands for:








We are very proud of our students and staff. From opening doors for guests and helping with the breakfast club to participating in athletics and other activities, our student consistently demonstrate what it means to be a Driller. We appreciate parent support in helping our students live up to this code.

We would like to give an extra congratulations to Grade 12 student Lucian Reinke who placed in the Top 20 in the Province for the Alberta High School Mathematics Competition!!!  The second round of the competition featured questions that required mathematical arguments that form a convincing position. He was marked based on how well developed the arguments were; Lucian truly excelled. Competing amongst the best in the province, Lucian is the first Oilfields High School student to place so well. Well done!

Past graduate Vicki Weaver will be returning to our community as a doctor. Vicki graduated 8 years ago from Oilfields and has been accepted by the University of Calgary’s Internal Medicine CMG stream.