Oilfields Food Bank Votes in New Executive


The AGM was held and a new Board of Directors was elected. We have been familiarizing ourselves with the systems in place and streamlining them wherever possible to save time, as well as building more efficiencies into what we’ve been doing. We asked if anyone had a laptop and printer to donate and were blessed to receive both. We’ve computerized the accounting, we’re beginning to build a user database/tracking program for our needs, a new intake sheet is being developed. All of the current year info is housed in a locked file cabinet in the Food Bank offices. The history from previous years will be stored in one of the available lockers at the Sheep River Library. We’re also installing some additional lighting in the storage and distribution rooms. We will be setting up a Bulletin Board where we’ll post newsletters, minutes of meetings, operational procedures and other information. Additionally, we are looking into a logo for our organization.

Meet the 2015 Executive:

President: Glenn Chambers
Vice President: Nadine Mumby
Secretary: Sherill Hanson
Treasurer: Carol Williams
Director: Alan Burney
Purchaser: Sharon Herriman
Ministerial: George Clarke
Appointed Positions for 2015:
Statistician & Membership: Sharon Chambers
E-newsletter: Karen Milne

There are 2 long-time volunteers who did not continue in 2015 that we would like to acknowledge individually. They have dedicated themselves to our local food bank for many years and in many ways. Ida Wegelin and Wendy Williams you are special indeed. We are grateful for your commitment to the cause. You are missed.

About the Oilfields Food Bank

We serve Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview, Millarville & Priddis & the surrounding M.D. The Food Bank is located in the United Church in the Valley (125 Royal Ave., Turner Valley – across from the elementary school). Our mailing address is Oilfields Food Bank, Box 1318, Turner Valley, AB, T0L 2A0 (to donate cheques should be payable to Oilfields Food Bank, and mailed or dropped off). The hours are Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3pm. A membership is only $5 (when you drop off your membership please put in an envelope marked “Attention Sharon Chambers” and include your mailing address, phone #, email). Becoming a member helps us to achieve our goals.