Oilfields Food Bank Thanks Dedicated Volunteer


Sharon HerrimanPictured is Sharon Herriman, long-time ‘head wrangler’ at the Food Bank.

Sharon has given her time every week, often more than once a week, for more than 20 YEARS as the Coordinator at the Oilfields Food Bank.  Through it all she had the full support & help of her husband Don.

Together they quite literally moved mountains of food.

Sharon retired from her position late in 2015 & she is dearly missed.  Members of the Food Bank expressed their thanks with a small gift and many good wishes & hugs at our January meeting.

Thank you Sharon & Don.
You’ve been a blessing.

Food Bank Donations 2015Thank you again to everyone who helped organize & fill Christmas hampers.  We distributed 106 hampers which fed 197 adults & 132 children.  Additionally our Toy Program gifts  which were included with our Christmas hampers were distributed to 76 children & 30 teens.  The Oilfields community is so supportive & giving, we can all be proud of this generosity.


If you want to join this amazing group of volunteers consider attending their AGM on February 16th at 3:30pm at the United Church in Turner Valley.

We look forward to seeing all members & non-members at our upcoming meeting.

Information packages will be available on Tues. Feb. 9 for members to look over prior to the meeting – stop by & pick one up.

We’ll review our 2015 financials, elect individuals to our 2016 Board  & look for people willing to accept appointments to other new positions.

And of course & most importantly, we want your input & ideas as we move into 2016.