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Oilfields Food Bank: Christmas Hampers 2018 Statistics

Christmas Hampers 2018

It was the season-to-be busy that’s for sure! Hampers were completed and picked up by folks on Dec. 21st. 80 hampers with all of the items needed for a great Christmas dinner and so much more were given out. These special hampers fed 147 adults and 98 children.

Distribution Statistics 2018

During the course of 2018 we filled a total of 358 hampers which fed 676 adults and 377 children. We had 47 first-time users in 2018.

It Doesn’t Happen Without Volunteers

Thank you, Thank you to all of the hardworking volunteers that provide the fuel to keep the Food Bank operating all year long. Thank you to our fantastic community for their generosity and ongoing support. We are truly blessed when it comes to donations of food and funds. A special thank you to Bev, Della, Melanie, Patti, Karen and Glenn  who give their time and talent every week.

Speaking of Volunteers…….

We were looking for someone to pick up our food order every Tuesday from AG Foods and we give an enormous thank you to Brian and Carol Corson who will take on this responsibility.  Our sincere thanks to Laura and Marcus Burns who did this job for us for such a long time.

We’re happy to report that Melanie Michaud is our new ‘Quartermaster’ and will handle the organization and stocking of the inventory rooms…thanks Mel!

If you’d like to lend a hand on Tuesday – stop by and we can chat about it.

Join the Foodbank

We’re looking for people to become members – the fee is $5 for the year. Our AGM date will be confirmed for sometime in February – more info to follow. Members are able to have a vote and in that way provide support & direction as we put together plans for the upcoming year.

About the Oilfields Food Bank

(aka) Turner Valley & District Food Bank Association

We serve Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview, Millarville & Priddis & the surrounding M.D.


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