Oilfields Arena Reaches ‘Green’ Milestone


The month of July saw the Oilfields Regional Arena reach a zero cost for the first time on their energy thanks to the solar and wind power alternative that is installed on the roof of the arena.

That means that the energy produced by the system matched the amount of energy used.

A significant goal reached.

At the open house showing the details it was interesting to see that the energy production and the energy usage can be watched online in real time.  The photographs below show the roof top installation of the solar panels and how guests at the open house could go up and view them.

Also on hand were representatives from Bullfrog to answer any questions and explain the process of being off the grid.

For those of you who are interested go to: egauge7322.egaug.es and you will see a very interesting graph.

This entire system has been at the direction of the Arena Manager, Les Quinton, who has done a remarkable job of not only managing the energy but in explaining it to public in layman terms. Thanks Les!

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