Official Opposition Statement


By Pat Stier (March 27, 2015)

Mr. Stier: Well, thank you, Mr. Speaker. For the past three years this PC government has done just about everything in its power to break the will of Albertans.

We’ve seen secret sky palaces, expensive Olympic trips, the partisan use of government airplanes, more debt and deficits, you name it.

Now the government says that it’s under new management, when really it’s all the same faces in all the same places.

The new CEO is familiar, too. He’s been hanging around the government halls for decades. Not only that, he’s singing from the same songbook the former Premier did.

He doesn’t think there’s a single penny of waste to cut from the most expensive government in Canada. He wants to bring in new job-killing taxes. He wants to maintain the status quo and blame Albertans for the fiscal mess this government created. The truth is that Albertans didn’t create the mess; the government did.

Wildrose has been there to fight them every step of the way. For the past three years we’ve been the best opposition this province has seen in decades. We did it through hard work and conservative values, and we did it because we came to work in this building for Albertans, not ourselves. Let me be clear.

Wildrose is the only conservative party left in Alberta. We believe in cutting waste and shrinking government. We believe in low taxes. We believe in trust and democracy.

As we prepare to face another PC Alberta deficit budget, Wildrose believes that we’re the only party standing between Albertans and this self-serving government. Wildrose represents the true frontier spirit – and it’s strong – of Alberta, and just as this government couldn’t break the will of Albertans, it will not break the will of the Wildrose Official Opposition.

We will fight your spending. We will fight your taxes. Wildrosers everywhere will hold our heads high, knowing we did right by the people of this province, past, present, and future.

Thank you.