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November 22 National Housing Day- Toolkit Launched

National Housing Day reminds us of the need for affordable housing in Canada and the Alberta Rural Development Network wants to help communities achieve just that with their Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing.

November 22 National Housing Day- Toolkit Launched

As National Housing Day is being celebrated across Canada, it is the perfect day to officially announce the launch of the Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing. The Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) invites any group who has identified affordable housing as a need in their community to download the free guide. The Step-by-Step guide takes readers, section-by-section through the phases of affordable housing development. Groups like not-for-profits, municipalities, housing management bodies, coalitions of local citizens and others can access and utilize the guide. Ultimately, the guide addresses the knowledge gap of what is required to build affordable housing and guides users through, what can be an intimidating project. Specific to this guide are Go/No-Go points at critical stages, allowing issues to be resolved before they prevent a project from moving forward.

“The most exciting part about this guide is its audience. The guide is easy to read, accessible that is specifically written for people who have a vision for affordable housing, but not the expertise,” explains Scott Travis, Director, Research and Programs. “The guide takes the mystery out of the process, allowing organizations of any experience level to know what is required to reach the next step and push their project along.”

The Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy  Innovative Solutions to Homelessness program, CMHC- Affordable Housing Innovation Fund, Alberta Ministry of Seniors and Housing, Alberta Real Estate Foundation and Energy Efficient Alberta.

The guide is available in both English and French and is available for download here:

ARDN is a not-for-profit partnership of nine Alberta colleges and universities working together to enhance the quality of life in rural Alberta through education, research, collaboration, and networking. Please visit to learn more.

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