Notley Must Denounce NDP ‘Manifesto’: Fildebrandt


MEDICINE HAT, AB: After calling Alberta an “embarrassing cousin,” Premier Rachel Notley must denounce a new economic manifesto from her federal NDP friends that calls for an “overhaul to Canada’s economy,” Wildrose Finance Shadow Minister Derek Fildebrandt said today.

The “leap manifesto,” signed by more than 100 prominent NDP activists, politicians and union leaders calls for a radical overhaul of capitalism and a recalibration of the energy industry to be “in balance with the earth’s limits.”

“Premier Notley must loudly tell her federal NDP friends this extremist manifesto has no place in Alberta,” Fildebrandt said. “The Premier has so far refused to stand up for Alberta when the federal NDP has attacked our province. This is an opportunity for her to stand up for the thousands of families facing job losses and economic uncertainty across the province. Now, not after the federal election.”

Fildebrandt said the manifesto is a bizarre and incoherent plan with no foundation in actual economics.

“The federal NDP is calling for communities to run the energy industry over companies. They’re promising to bring this ‘system’ in if elected,” he said. “Premier Notley needs to show some pride in Alberta, and pull the plug on this unhinged, anti-Alberta doctrine, today.”