Notley Doubling Down on Risky Economic Agenda

CALGARY, AB (August 21, 2015): Premier Rachel Notley’s remarks today that the government will double down on the NDP’s risky economic agenda will only put more Alberta jobs at risk and hurt the economy, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

According to reports, Notley confirmed Friday plans for a royalty review and higher taxes remain fully in place, despite oil dipping below $40 and facing its longest prolonged slump in decades.

“There’s no doubt these policies are creating uncertainty in our economy, and will lead to investment fleeing the province. We need Ms. Notley to step away from her ideology and start focusing on what’s best for this province,” Jean said. “We need predictable, stable, and moderate leadership that will assure Albertans we can and will bounce back. The NDP can’t continue to gamble with our economy when thousands of jobs are on the line.”

No economic plan or budget will be presented from the NDP until well after the federal election. Earlier this week, Wildrose called on the NDP to reverse many of their policies that are shaking confidence in Alberta’s economy.

“This is a question about what’s best for Alberta,” Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer said. “Alberta deserves leadership that fights to defend jobs and our interests. Right now, the government is only rubbing salt in the wound.”