NOT a Beaver

There is a mammal that lives in our ponds here at Glenbow.  And while it may be a rodent, it is not a beaver…
MuskratThe muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus, is the largest member of the mouse family, and while it may be a semi aquatic rodent like the beaver, the similarities end there.  The muskrat has a thin tail that is used like a rudder, rather than the large flat tail that a beaver has.  It builds a den out of mud and aquatic plants rather than building a dam out of wood.  It also eats both plants and animals (like salamanders, frogs and small fish), while the beaver eats strictly plants.

The next time you take a walk down Tiger Lilly Loop, keep an eye out for this park pond-dweller!

(Information from Alberta Environment and Parks)

To learn more about the animals we have at Glenbow Ranch, come on down for a variety of park programs throughout the summer, such as Paws and Claws.