Nominations Open: WEGO Health Activist Awards

The Fourth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards are in full swing, and we wanted to invite you to nominate a leader in your health community for a Health Activist Award.

Click here to nominate!

The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists, those patient influencers who raise awareness, share information, advocate for others and support their communities. The Health Activist Awards are a way to recognize these leaders for the work they do.

Take a moment to nominate a leader in your community for a Health Activist Award today.

Not sure who to nominate? Think of someone in your community who:

  • Raises awareness
  • Advocates for others
  • Shares information
  • Eradicates stigma
  • Inspires you or your community

If you can’t think of someone to nominate right now but want to stay informed about the WEGO Health Activist Awards, like us on Facebook.