Nobleford to Become Next Fibre Optic Community in Alberta


After securing 30% of community sign up, construction of a new fibre optic network begins in Nobleford, Alberta.

Nobleford, AB – By advocating to get 30% of homes and local businesses to register their interest at, Nobleford has secured their community as the next rural community to receive fibre optic infrastructure from Axia. Starting immediately, Axia will begin construction on a next generation fibre optic network in Nobleford, Alberta, bringing unprecedented speed and reliability to homes and businesses within the community.

“If traditional copper wire isn’t good enough for major city centers like Edmonton, why is it good enough for rural communities like Nobleford”, says Robert Price, Vice President of Residential and Enterprise, following the recent fibre optic announcements in Edmonton. “This fall we will begin connecting high speed fibre Internet to residential and businesses in Nobleford, followed by more rural communities across Alberta.”

Axia operates what it believes to be the most comprehensive, high quality and resilient fibre network interconnecting communities in the province. Existing and future customers will benefit from Axia’s ability to deliver the highest quality, scalable, flexible, and attractively priced fibre-based services. Axia Fibre Internet plans start at $59/month for 25Mbps with symmetrical upload and download speeds and no caps on data usage.

“You cannot truly call yourself a modern community without genuine, affordable, dependable high speed Internet. Fibre optic capacity and dependability brought to Nobleford, by Axia, allows Nobleford world class communication capabilities,” says Kirk Hofman, CAO of Nobleford.

Axia has plans to continue the expansion of fibre availability across rural Alberta in the near future, “We are looking to invest in the most forward-looking, fibre friendly communities to bring our ultimate fibre optic Internet services to. By encouraging 30% of each community to submit interest for residential and small business Internet services – your community could be next,” says Price.

Communities interested in Axia Fibre can find out more, and pre-order online at

About Axia:

Axia FibreNetAxia sells services over fibre optic infrastructure and has networks in Alberta, Massachusetts and France. Axia trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “AXX”