News Update from Councillor Suzanne Oel, Div. 4, M.D. of Foothills

Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes in the New Year!  Just sending a bit of news…  S.O.


Public Meeting about Fiber Optic Internet Service: January 21, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Priddis Hall

• As you may know, I have been working with our community to investigate the possibility of Fiber Optic Internet service to the Priddis area.  At this time, we have not heard from providers other than Axia regarding fiber optic, but of course are open to any possible combination of partnership opportunities, any proposals or discussions.  (If you have any other ideas, please contact me.)  As a start to creating a business case, we have been looking at the area around the Hamlets of Priddis, Priddis Greens and Hawks Landing and area, with a possible fiber connection point along Highway 22.  As previously mentioned, you can sign up with Axia to show your interest without a cost commitment, regardless of location. 

On to the Next Step: The meeting in January is for those who are interested to hear from Axia about fiber optic internet service, projects they have done and look at how service may be established in this area.  This meeting is still preliminary to any agreements or cost outlay. 

Who should attend:  Please attend if you want to show your interest and share creative ideas on how we can make this happen in Division 4.  The Priddis area is a starting point, which could lead us to a dialogue on how to expand service if this turns out to be a successful venture…


What I do as your Div. 4 Councillor

As your Councillor for Division 4, I prepare for and attend weekly full-day Council meetings, have on-going interaction (work, support, meetings) with residents, community associations, businesses, school divisions, provincial & federal departments & representatives, attend 2 annual “Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties” conferences, etc., and work on current issues and as a member on these 19 Boards & Committees:

• Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission (FRESC) – Chairperson

• Foothills Regional Water and Waste Water Collaborative Committee – Co-Chair

• Foothills Assessment Review Board

• Calgary Regional Partnership

• Calgary Inter-Municipal Negotiating Committee

• Rocky View County Inter-Municipal Negotiating Committee

• Okotoks Inter-Municipal Negotiating Committee (Alt)

• Okotoks Annexation Negotiating Committee (Alt)

• Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area Board

• Highwood Management Plan Advisory Committee (voting authority)

• Highwood Management Plan Phase II Sheep River Study Group (voting authority)

• Bow River Basin Council

• Priddis – Red Deer Lake Recreation Board

• North West Foothills Recreation Board

• Dark Sky Initiatives Stakeholders Working Group

• Calgary Regional Airshed Zone (CRAZ)

• Subdivision Appeal Board (Alt)

• Community Standards Appeal Board (Alt)

• Accounts Review Committee


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