New Year’s Resolution Checklist for You and Your Pet

NY Resolution 86279Did you know that there’s a correlation between your health and your pet’s health? The beginning of a new year marks an opportunity to make positive changes in both your and your pet’s lives.

Here’s a quick resolution checklist to consider:

1. Activity level: Similar to humans, exercise is key for pets to stay happy and healthy. Cats and dogs use both mental and physical muscles to exercise, which helps promote mental stimulation and decrease the risk of weight gain. Dog owners can play fetch at an off-leash park, join walks or runs, attend groups or events, and meet other like-minded pet parents. Plus, this gives you and your pet an opportunity to spend more time together and increase your bond.

2. Age and size: Just as we require different sustenance as we age, pets also depend on essential nutrients that offer different health benefits. Nutram’s holistic dry pet food provides complete and balanced nutrition for cats and dogs depending on their life stage and breed size.

3. Eating habits: With obesity in dogs becoming more common, it’s important to consider your pet’s diet more closely. Pet parents can manage their pet’s weight and prevent weight gain by choosing food with wholesome ingredients. For cats, adding variety with shapes and textures in kibble will keep your cat interested in eating.

4. Health conditions and sensitivities: Regular checkups with your vet can help detect changes in your pet’s health. To prevent conditions from developing or worsening, pet parents can provide animals with multi-beneficial and nutrient-rich foods. Nutram Ideal Solution Support food is infused with nutrient-boosting properties for your pet’s specific nutritional needs, such as immunity support, weight control, digestibility, skin, coat and stomach sensitivities, and indoor lifestyle (for cats).

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