New Variable Rate Technology Program Passes on Huge Savings to the Farmer


Decisive Farming is excited to introduce the new Optimize RX-F program; offering significant savings to growers without sacrificing quality or support. Decisive Farming has made fundamental advancements in geospatial mapping and soil analysis allowing for huge efficiencies in delivery of these services. The patented variable rate technology was tested with growers over the past couple years to ensure it increased the quality of product and service to the grower.

“I am very proud of the team at Decisive Farming to be able to offer growers our patented variable rate technology for up to 50% less while still soil sampling every year and increasing the overall quality of the service,” says Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming.

Optimize RX-F is a complete solution for variable rate applications and brings a full set of agronomic services and expertise to farms. Each step in our streamlined process is geared towards increasing growers’ return on investment.

The Optimize RX-F program includes:

  • The most accurate field zone maps built with multi-year composite satellite imagery
  • Yearly soil sampling and analysis for tracking changing nutrient levels
  • Agronomic recommendations and prescriptions custom tailored to the farm
  • Run-time equipment test file to ensure your GPS and controller is working before you seed
  • Yield data analysis providing your return on investment

Optimize RX-F is proven with a consistent return-on-investment over 8 years of trials. Our growers achieve a typical net increased return of $20 per acre after cost of service. It’s no wonder Optimize RX has a 96% whole farm client retention!

Whether you’re experienced or new to variable rate applications, Decisive farming simplifies processes with hands-on support, and years of variable rate and agronomic expertise.

Sign up for our most popular Optimize RX package in July or August and save up to 50%!

To find out more about Optimize RX and to receive a personalized estimate, contact us, call us at 1-800-941-4811 FREE, or talk to a local ag-retail partner today!

Source Decisive Farming