New Security Licensing Process Eliminates Delays

New Security Licensing Process Eliminates Delays

The Government of Alberta is speeding up the licensing process for about 25,000 Albertans working as security guards, private investigators, locksmiths and more.

Applicants in these fields who do not have a criminal record and are not in Canada on a work or study permit can visit a participating registry agent and receive a temporary security licence on the same day.

Previously, the only way for Albertans to obtain or renew a licence was to submit paperwork directly to the government, sometimes resulting in delayed processing times. Temporary licences are valid for 60 days and allow applicants to start work immediately.

“This new streamlined process will allow Albertans who work in these fields to start their new jobs immediately, or continue working in their current roles without having to wait for a licence. This benefits both Albertans looking for work and employers wanting to hire.”

~Marlin Schmidt, Acting Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“This is a small change with big impact. We are partnering with registry agents to help security officers start their new jobs as soon as possible. As our economy improves, we will keep working to make life better for workers and support good-paying jobs in Alberta.”

~Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta

“Registry agents are the trusted distribution channel for many government services, and including security services licensing is a natural fit. Building on the lessons learned during the pilot phase of this project, we are confident that we will expand availability to several additional registry locations throughout Alberta, making access for Albertans more convenient.”

~Pamela Wilson, CEO, Association of Alberta Registry Agents

Permanent licences arrive in the mail before the end of the 60-day period. This new process is similar to the one used to obtain and/or renew a driver’s licence in Alberta.

Quick facts

  • Registry agents may charge a $9 fee for this service, and applicants who do not want to pay the fee can still apply directly to the provincial government.
  • As not all registries provide all services, applicants are encouraged to contact their registry agent of choice to find out if their preferred location offers this new service. A list of registry agents providing the service is available online.
  • The pilot project, which started in the fall of 2017, was held in six locations across Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer and Medicine Hat.
  • The new process applies to occupations licensed under the Security Services and Investigators Act:
    • security guard
    • loss prevention
    • security alarm responder
    • executive protection
    • patrol dog handler
    • private investigator
    • locksmith
    • automotive lock bypass worker