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New Rest Stops on Major Alberta Highways

Three new highway rest stops will give drivers more places to pull over, rest and inspect their vehicles.

Minister Mason makes rest stop announcement at the AMTA training facility grand opening.

The Government of Alberta is building one new safety rest stop on the QEII between Calgary and Edmonton and two more along the Yellowhead Highway, west of Edmonton. Adding rest stops to heavily travelled corridors is part of the province’s overall approach to promote traffic safety.

“Safe highways are the No.1 priority for our government. Rest stops allow our commercial carriers to rest so they are not fatigued behind the wheel. They’re also a good place for all of us to pull over and stretch our legs before getting back on the road.”

~Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

The safety rest stops will be at:

  • QEII Southbound at Wolf Creek, just north of Lacombe
  • Westbound on the Yellowhead highway, west of highway 43
  • Eastbound on the Yellowhead highway, west of highway 43

The province is also supporting development of a new private-sector rest stop near Bowden.

Quick facts

  • Construction of the rest stops is expected to support 89 jobs.
  • The building cost is estimated at $20 million.
  • Safety rest stops will be designed to accommodate possible future commercial opportunities such as gas stations and restaurants.
  • Vehicle traffic counts at the new locations are:
    • Wolf Creek – 14,280 southbound
    • Yellowhead – 7,215 eastbound
    • Yellowhead – 7,215 westbound

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