New Report on Wait Times Shows Urgent Need for Reform and Innovation: Barnes


EDMONTON, AB (July 14, 2015): A new report shows the true cost to Albertans of having among the longest wait times in the country, Wildrose Health Shadow Minister Drew Barnes said today.

According to the Fraser Institute, Alberta’s long wait times mean an average personal cost of $1,848 for every patient. Compared to all other provinces, only Nova Scotia faces a higher private cost of waiting per patient.

“This is just another example of the price of having among the longest wait times for patients across Canada,” Barnes said. “Access to a waiting list is not access to health care, and today’s report shows what the true out-of-pocket cost is for patients, not even considering the emotional toll long waits for surgery have on the road to recovery.”

Wildrose has long advocated for reforms to the health care system by decentralizing decision making, empowering front-line workers and putting forward a meaningful strategy to reduce wait times across the province.

“Our health care system shouldn’t be about dollars spent, but patients cured. It’s time we bring forward leadership and innovation to our health care system,” Barnes said. “We can’t maintain the status quo where we pad the pockets of bureaucrats and executives, and don’t give our front-line resources the tools to help lower wait times for patients.”