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New Portable School Crossing Signs Will Improve Safety at Three Local Schools

School patrollers Nate Nychyk and Logan Woolridge with Thomas Crawford with the High River Policing Committee.

HIGH RIVER, AB: The High River Policing Committee and the High River Citizens on Patrol have joined forces to provide three local schools with new portable signs to help mark school pedestrian crossings more clearly and increase the safety of students.

The signs will be in use as of March 26 at Spitzee Elementary School, Holy Spirit Academy and Ecole Joe Clark School.

Earlier in 2018, the High River Policing Committee initiated a school crossing safety project after many reports and concerns about speeding and large volumes of traffic near local school pedestrian crossings.

The Committee reached out to High River’s Citizens on Patrol group to ask for assistance with funding their initiative, and as a result, there are now two portable signs that have been purchased for each of the three schools.

These signs are designed to be easily placed in the centre of a school crosswalk and provide an additional warning to vehicles that children are crossing. The signs will help to encourage vehicles to slow down and provide additional safety to school patrollers and students crossing the road.

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