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New mural Designs Approved by High River Council


HIGH RIVER, AB: Council approved the recommendations for two new murals that members of the Mural Ad Hoc Committee presented to council during the meeting October 13.

New Roots by Michelle Loughery
New Roots by Michelle Loughery

The committee’s selections included the design by Michelle Loughery featuring horses running through water. Entitled “New Roots,” the design reflects the unity of the community working together to move forward through spirit and determination. Bold paint strokes will encompass a background of a heart, entwined with the horses legs reflecting strength of the herd, young life and new roots.

Alex Pavlenko
Alex Pavlenko

The other recommended design is by Alex Pavlenko, which represents the spirit of community celebrating High River’s renewal. The viewer is invited to join a circle of people who have linked hands while children dance in the centre. Surrounding elements such as hot air balloons, natural attractions and the local landscape add positive symbols of hope and joy for the future.

The selected designs were the number two and four options of six potential choices that the public was invited to vote on as part of the selection process. The committee received more than 3,000 votes, either through an online submission or a paper ballot at Town facilities. The suggested buildings, which will serve as canvasses for the designs, are the east side of the Servus Credit Union for Loughery’s piece and the north wall of Highwood Printing for Pavlenko’s design.

“The public input during this entire process has been invaluable and greatly assisted the Committee with their recommendation to Council,” said said Amy Deuchar, chair of the committee.

All mural submissions were ranked using a rigorous marking scheme to arrive at the final six designs. Categories included the artist’s past mural experience, overall impression, and how closely submissions aligned to preferred elements identified by the public through earlier feedback. The final work is scheduled to be unveiled by June 20, 2016.

“This is one more way that we are enhancing our community and creating an attractive place that encourages people to open businesses and set down roots,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “We want to make sure the designs reflect a really positive image of our town that the public outside of High River will see.”

This project is made possible through a grant from The Calgary Foundation.

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