New Liquor Distribution Centre to Support Alberta’s Thriving Liquor Industry

The construction of Alberta’s newest and largest liquor distribution centre, designed to support the continued growth and success of Alberta’s private liquor model, is now complete.

“Over the past 25 years, we’ve proudly seen our industry grow by leaps and bounds and it’s only fitting that a new centre is introduced to ensure efficient and reliable service to industry for years to come.”

~Alain Maisonneuve, President & CEO, AGLC

The new liquor distribution centre, located in St Albert, is 543,000 square feet in total, with 470,000 square feet dedicated solely to warehouse space. With the new centre added in, AGLC’s liquor distribution system now offers a combined 1.2 million square feet in storage space and an estimated five million case storage capacity.

“After 25 years, our liquor retailing industry remains the best in Canada and this new state-of-the-art warehouse will ensure we continue to succeed over the next 25 years and beyond. The new warehouse will have the capacity to support the growing number of liquor products entering the province, while providing further efficiencies to Alberta’s liquor retail system.”

~Ivonne Martinez, President, Alberta Liquor Store Association

With an initial project budget of $153 million, actual costs were significantly lower, creating approximately $11 million dollars in savings. Over the next few months, product will be transferred to the new facility.

Outbound operations will then start out of the new facility in early 2019.

The new liquor distribution centre will be the primary facility in AGLC’s warehouse network, handling all fast moving product and serving as the central hub for order assembly and shipment.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of Alberta’s unique liquor model. Over the years, AGLC, retailers, manufacturers and agencies have worked to ensure Albertans have access to unparalleled selection, convenience and responsible customer service. Successes include:

  • Increased choice for Albertans (currently more than 25,000 products available versus 2,200 in 1993);
  • Increased business opportunities leading to more convenient locations (more than 1,500 liquor retailers now versus 202 in 1993);
  • Major growth in liquor manufacturers for brewers, distillers, meaderies and estate wineries (135 liquor manufacturers currently versus 31 in 2013); and
  • Strong return to Albertans (over $850 million in liquor net income goes back to the province’s General Revenue Fund each year).

AGLC is the Government of Alberta’s crown commercial enterprise and agency responsible for the gaming, liquor and cannabis industries in Alberta. We are committed to providing choices Albertans can trust. Revenue from provincial gaming, liquor and, soon, cannabis activities supports Albertans.