New Land Use and Recreation Plans a Positive Step Forward for all Albertans

New Land Use and Recreation Plans a Positive Step Forward for all Albertans

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) congratulates the Government of Alberta on the release of the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills Land Footprint Management Plan (LFMP) and Recreation Management Plan (RMP) as a significant step forward for improved management of our treasured southern foothills and mountains.

These plans for Alberta’s southern east slopes are supported by science and developed in a way that respects the input of all users.

“The plans take a significant step forward to help protect critical source waters for southern Alberta, as well as fish and wildlife habitat, while respecting private land rights through improved management of public and industrial access,” says Stephen Legault, Y2Y program director. “They also ensure well-planned recreation opportunities for all Albertans on public lands. Nobody has been left out.”

The southern Alberta foothills and Rocky Mountains are among the province’s most iconic and well-loved landscapes. They also provide 90 per cent of the water to southern Alberta. Yet these critically important values have been increasingly impacted by forestry, industrial use and unregulated motorized recreation activity.

According to the government reports released on Tuesday, cumulative impacts from activities have threatened source waters, biodiversity and recreation values in the region. Ranchers, recreationists, land-owners, scientists and conservationists, see the draft Livingstone-Porcupine Hills LFMP and RMP as a significant step forward.

“All recreation user groups were heard during this process. The plans provide a path to promote responsible use for all Albertans, including both motorized and non-motorized recreation users,” says Connie Simmons, Y2Y’s Alberta policy and planning co-ordinator.

“I’m impressed by the extra effort the government took to review all the relevant science information as well as local knowledge by long-time area residents,” says landscape ecologist and author Kevin Van Tighem.

“The draft LFMP will reel in cumulative effects to what the land and streams can safely handle while ensuring that we can continue to use the land responsibly both for resources and recreation,” he says.

The draft land footprint and recreation management plans reflect the pride all Albertans feel with regards to our southern eastern slopes and represent the love we share for our provincial landscapes, water, fish and wildlife. These plans reflect the best values of real Albertans who care enough for the places we play in to treat them with the respect they deserve.

The plans can be viewed at:

Source: Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative