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New FOIP Records Show Startling Increase of AHS Employees Earning Over $100,000: Saskiw

EDMONTON, AB: Premier Jim Prentice needs to immediately reverse his decision to not extend the province’s sunshine list across government with new freedom of information (FOIP) documents showing a startling increase of Alberta Health Services (AHS) employees earning over $100,000 from 2009 to 2013, Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said today.

In 2013, almost 9800 employees at AHS earned over the province’s sunshine list standard of $100,000.  The 2013 number more than doubles the 4688 employees that made over $100,000 at AHS in 2009.

“Mr. Prentice needs to immediately reverse his decision not to include agencies, boards and commissions from the government’s sunshine list,” Saskiw said.  “We are seeing dramatic increases in the total compensation of employees at AHS, but the PCs are trying to keep this information locked behind closed doors.”

Total number of AHS employees earning over $100,000 from 2009 to 2013

Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Total 4688 5332 6195 8014 9786

With nearly 10,000 people making more than the $100,000 threshold, AHS now has roughly more than three times as many sunshine list eligible employees as the entire Government of Alberta (3300).

Given the dramatic increase over the past four years, Saskiw said the Wildrose would make this data openly available for Albertans to evaluate whether or not they are getting the best value for their hard-earned tax dollars.

“We need a party that is serious about putting the interests of taxpayers first, prioritizes spending on front-line services and opening the books across all levels of government,” Saskiw said. “If Mr. Prentice and his colleagues were at all serious about running Canada’s most ethical and transparent government, they would scrap their decision to block agencies, boards and commissions from the province’s sunshine list.”

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