New Election Sign Bylaw Approved

HIGH RIVER, ALBERTA – At the September 9, 2019, regular meeting of Council, a new election sign bylaw was approved that clarifies the rules for placement of election signs within the Town of High River. 

“The new bylaw takes into consideration consistency of standards, installation sites, appropriate removal and disposal of election signs,” says Kara Rusk, Manager of Legislative Services for the Town. “Candidates must also first get permission from a homeowner before placing a sign on their property.”

The bylaw outlines the locations for sign installation, the number of signs at each site, the size of signs, maintenance, disposal of the signs and duration of placement.

“The Town’s Peace Officers will uphold the new bylaw, and other persons duly delegated by the Town,” adds Rusk. “Any party found to violate the new bylaw will have their signs removed. Repeat offenses will result in election sign removal without notice to the candidate.”

Damages caused to property during the installation process of election signs could result in the responsible party being liable. 

The 2019 Federal Election will take place on Monday, October 21. 

For a full account of the new bylaw, please visit: