New Dark Sky Lights on Hwy 22X

New Dark Sky Lights on Hwy 22X

Councillor Suzanne Oel, MD of Foothills

Check out the great new lights up on Hwy 22X thanks to the plan of our neighbour, the City of Calgary, to reduce costs and respect Dark Skies at night!

Three new sets of lights illuminate intersections on Hwy 22X and 37 St. (96 St. MD), 53 St. (112 St. MD) & 69 St. (128 St. MD), since mid-February.  Instead of lighting the universe, creating glare and showing up in the telescopes of Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (off Hwy 22), this lighting-solution provides a cut-off style that illuminates what is intended, using GE Evolve LED Cobraheads.

I have spoken with the folks in charge of the change-over project who shared that up to 50% cost savings on LED energy use has motivated the program to replace old street lighting in the City.  In addition to energy savings there are life-cycle savings. The new LED units last 20 years vs. the old lamps and ballasts needing to be changed every 4-5 years.

I hope the good news on this type of lighting will influence Alberta Transportation (Hwys), Fortis Alberta and all of us to make choices to install and influence suppliers to make Dark Sky fixtures available to the consumer.  Please think about using a cut off light fixture when you set up your external house, building or yard lights.

Using Dark Sky lighting will help keep the country living experience with a view of the night sky that most people value so much in the M.D. of Foothills.  If you are working with Fortis Alberta to install, maintain or replace your yard light, please request Dark Sky lighting.  Fortis will also have LED lighting available sometime in 2016.  Most home lighting suppliers carry Dark Sky fixtures for your house exterior or out-building needs.

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