New Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion Planning Organisational Meeting in Okotoks

We are ready with the next step in the process of obtaining a Charter for a Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Okotoks.

More than the required fifty new members have already indicated that they wish to apply to be part of a New Branch and thanks to their Executive and Members, we will be having an Organisational Meeting on Thursday, July 24th at the Elks Club in Okotoks commencing at 7pm.

Membership is open to all Canadian or Commonwealth Citizens who support the aims and objectives of the Legion whether or not they have military experience. There are three categories of membership that carry Voting privileges and the opportunity to hold office. Briefly, they are as follows:

1. ORDINARY: members in this classification will have served or are serving in the Military in Canada, the Commonwealth or other Allied Forces or in the RCMP or other Police Forces.

2. ASSOCIATE: these members are related in one of many ways to someone who would qualify as an Ordinary member or to someone who is already an Associate member.

3. AFFILIATE: members in this category support what the Legion does but have no evidence of a relationship with someone who would qualify for Ordinary or Associate membership.

Membership is also available to a person who is NOT a Canadian Citizen but who supports the work of the Legion. However, while such membership provides the opportunity to participate in the work of the Legion, it does not at this time carry voting privileges or the chance to hold office.

Any former Legion members who wish to be part of the organisation again can apply for “Re-Instatement.”

We invite all those interested in being a part of this exciting new service organisation to come to the Elks Club this Thursday.