New ALS Medication Now Available to Albertans

New ALS Medication Now Available to Albertans

Radicava, the second medication approved to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, is now available to Albertans with government-sponsored drug coverage.

For the past 20 years, individuals with ALS have only had one approved drug treatment option.

“With only one medication available for this progressive neurodegenerative disease, providing Albertans with another treatment option is vital. June is ALS Awareness Month and providing access to this new drug is the best way to demonstrate our support for those living with ALS.”Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

ALS is an illness involving progressive paralysis of an individual’s voluntary muscles. Its cause is unknown. Symptoms of ALS often include loss of motor control, muscle weakness, fatigue, stiffness, muscle cramping and twitching.

Drug treatment may help to slow a patient’s loss of function and mobility, enabling them to better manage the disease and improve their quality of life.

“We applaud the Alberta government for providing Albertans with access to Radicava through government-sponsored drug coverage. The availability of new drug therapies is critical for people living with this terminal disease and gives hope for new treatments. This is a significant milestone for Albertans affected by ALS.”Karen Caughey, Executive Director, ALS Society of Alberta

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