New Addiction Treatment Centre Challenges the Status-Quo for Recovery

Central Alberta —The Whole Life Institute announces the opening of an innovative, forward thinking addictions treatment facility, which combines cutting-edge neuroscience with proven nutritional and holistic therapies. The Whole Life Institute is the first of its kind in Canada, situated in beautiful and peaceful Central Alberta, close to the Rocky Mountains and only an hour and a half drive from Calgary.

Thousands of Canadians, in all stages and circumstances of life are impacted by addictive behaviours and now a unique approach to addictions treatment and recovery is available, addressing body, mind and spirit at a world class treatment centre. Whole Life Institute founders Jim Bradshaw and Stacey Grantham, who are both recovered addicts, have assembled a team of highly-experienced addiction and wellness experts to provide a treatment program that heals the ‘Whole’ person, by addressing four complementary elements, Whole Nutrition, Whole Connection, Whole Guidance and Whole Path.

The Whole Life Institute treatment programs are unique in that they are based on the latest scientific research, focusing on principles of neuroplasticity, nutrition, guidance and spiritual support while building upon a 12 step model. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to be extremely adaptable by recreating new neural pathways responsible for behaviors, habits and responses to life regardless of age. The novel, validated visualization techniques, applied by the experts at The Whole Life Institute, tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to create new neuropathways and allow the brain to adapt and heal itself, becoming stronger than it ever was before.

The role of good nutrition cannot be underestimated in recovery and is a key component of The Whole Life Institute treatment paradigm. Each client’s individual nutritional needs and current state of health are assessed and meal plans are developed with the aid of our Neuroscientist and on-site Nutritionist. Whole, healthy foods can heal, nurture and restore a body to optimum physical health and recent research also confirms the positive impact good nutrition has on neurological and mental health.

“Science strongly suggests there is a direct correlation between nutrition and mental health and addiction. The program we created for The Whole Life Institute uses a unique blend of the latest neuroscience research on addiction and evidence-based holistic nutrition protocols “said Neuroscientist/Nutritionist and Whole Nutrition Program creator, Orsha Magyar.

The Whole Guidance component uses a form of psychotherapy which works on identity discovery and development, as well as the introduction of self-resolution techniques so that clients can discover how they can learn to resolve conflict themselves. As explained by Dr. Carolyn Anderson, “Identity development and its link to resilience are emerging themes in clinical practice. Research into current recovery programs has indicated that the majority of treatment programs are not yet incorporating the concept of identity development to assist individuals in the recovery process.”

The team at The Whole Life Institute combines their expertise and understanding while providing the tools needed to help clients apply the principles of Whole Nutrition, Whole Connection, Whole Guidance and Whole Path. These principles are complementary to the 12 step model and help individuals develop a deeper understanding of the steps and how to apply them in daily life.A sober life can be realized within the first six weeks of treatment.
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