Negotiations on Equalization an Opportunity for NDP to Fight for Alberta

Federal, provincial, and territorial finance ministers are scheduled to discuss the Equalization Program at meetings in Ottawa next week, presenting a clear opportunity for the Alberta Government to fight for a fair deal, says United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney.

“Albertans are generous people, but we cannot be taken for granted. While pipeline projects were routinely built and approved under the Harper Government, today that is unfortunately just not the case. We have already seen the Ottawa Liberals kill two pipelines – Energy East and Northern Gateway – in just two years,” said UCP Leader Jason Kenney.

“The fact the Equalization is on the agenda presents a great opportunity for the Government of Alberta to begin the fight for a fair deal. Albertans cannot be transferring billions of dollars to other provinces if some of those same provincial governments are actively working to impede Alberta’s economic prosperity. A declining standard of living for Albertans cannot be the ‘solution’ to fixing the serious imbalance in Equalization.”

On November 7, 2017, the United Conservative Caucus proposed a common-sense motioncalling on the Government to “to immediately begin aggressive preparations for the 2018-19 equalization renegotiations and update this Assembly on those preparations.” Unfortunately, the NDP refused to even debate the UCP’s motion.

“Even their NDP comrades in BC are fighting the Trudeau Liberals on the Equalization Program. Will the Alberta NDP stand up for Albertans and fight for a fair deal, or will they continue act as a doormat for their Ottawa?” asked Kenney. “Perhaps Finance Minister Joe Ceci could take a break from touring breweries and distilleries to actually develop a game plan for a fair Equalization deal.”