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Need Some New Motivation to Achieve Your Resolutions?

By Kristen Klepac

Did you know only 4% of us achieve our New Year’s Resolutions even though we have a history of making them since Babylonian times? 

After the holiday craze swiftly followed by the January blues, our New Year’s Resolutions just don’t stand a very good chance of making it past the first month of the year. How many of you are still sticking to yours?

The thing is, that when we first promise to make those big changes for our new year we are honed in on that end destination, the big picture. We completely forget planning for and taking the small steps that will lead to achieving our goal. We often think that those are the easy changes, the ones that shouldn’t be so hard to make. So we go through January and try a few things, but oftentimes give up, feeling defeated.

However, those small habits are ones that we’ve built over time and we need to set strategies in place to outsmart them. Reading up on science-based strategies and hacks can help us better understand how to actually achieve our goals. 

The main thing to remember is that January is not the sum of the year. There are 12 months to achieve your goals. So, if January was a dud for you, check out this thorough infographic below from giving the statistics, history and scientific hacks to achieve your New Years Resolutions and to reignite your motivation.

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