NDP’s Job-killing Carbon Tax Rises 50 per cent, Failing Alberta’s Job Creators

NDP’s Job-killing Carbon Tax Rises 50 per cent, Failing Alberta’s Job Creators

EDMONTON, AB: In less than one month, the NDP will increase their job-killing carbon tax by 50 per cent. Although the NDP never campaigned on it, their carbon tax stands as one of the biggest tax increases in Alberta’s history.

“Poll after poll confirms that over two thirds of Albertans are opposed to this job-killing tax. The NDP pushed it on Albertans under the guise of ‘social licence’ in a desperately dishonest attempt to appear in support of Alberta’s job creators. They foolishly told everyone that this carbon tax was the only way to get pipelines built. Well, it’s a year later, and it’s clear the only ones they fooled were themselves,” said United Conservative Opposition Leader, Jason Nixon.

Alberta’s job creators, which rely heavily on fuel to provide products and services to customers, will see the cost of nearly everything rising on January 1. For example, the carbon tax on diesel fuel – used in critical transportation of goods such as groceries and clothing – will increase by 50 per cent on January 1.

“This NDP government has never had the backs of Alberta’s job creators. Their record of job-killing taxes and regulations speaks for itself. They’ve chased billions in investment from this province, and energy investors are now putting their money into places like Iran to avoid the NDP’s disastrous policies. A 50% hike to an already disastrous carbon tax is the last thing this province needs,” said UCP Energy Critic Prasad Panda.

Since the NDP indicated its support for a carbon tax, at least $34.8 billion in investment has fled the oilsands sector alone. However, the impact of the carbon tax extends to all sectors of Alberta’s economy, since the tax applies to nearly every type of economic transaction in the province.