NDP/Liberal Failure to Champion Alberta’s Energy Industry Helps Kill Energy East

NDP/Liberal Failure to Champion Alberta’s Energy Industry Helps Kill Energy East

EDMONTON, AB (October 5, 2017): News that TransCanada has decided to not proceed with the Energy East pipeline is devastating news for everyday Albertans, and is further proof that the NDP’s carbon tax is a failed social experiment that needs to be cancelled immediately, the United Conservative Party Official Opposition said today.

The United Conservatives Interim Party Leader Nathan Cooper, Energy Critic Drew Barnes and Economic Diversification Critic Prasad Panda questioned the willingness of Alberta’s Premier and Cabinet, as well as Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, to loudly champion Energy East and other pipeline projects, and stated that the decision to cancel the project was due in part to a lack of consistency from the NDP.

“Everyday Albertans will be rightfully upset to see that this project has been cancelled, but the chips were truly stacked up against TransCanada,” Barnes said. “The Trudeau Liberals changed the rules of the game partway through the process. His government chose to not respect the previous world class National Energy Board process. Montreal’s Mayor, a former Liberal Cabinet Minister who dumps billions of litres of raw sewage in the St. Lawrence, is tweeting out praise that the project has been cancelled. What we needed was consistent leadership on this project from Alberta’s government, and we just didn’t get it.”

Panda said that social license was a failed idea from the start, and now is the time to immediately cancel the carbon tax that is only serving to hurt everyday Albertans and turn away economic investment.

“This needs to be a wake-up call for the NDP government. Albertans can’t afford their carbon tax. It isn’t getting pipelines built, and it’s only hurting our province,” Panda said. “We need policies that attract investment, not kill jobs and raise the price of everything. Despite unanimous passage of my Motion 505 last spring, which urged the federal government to develop strategies to facilitate the building of more pipelines within Canada as a way to foster national unity and promote energy independence, the NDP has failed to take the necessary action to ensure this project succeeded.”

Cooper concluded: “During my short time as Interim Leader, the United Conservatives have been loud and vocal in promoting our energy industry with our Buy Alberta Oil campaign, while the NDP’s silence speaks volumes. United Conservatives will continue to champion Alberta’s oil and gas sector and push for pipelines in every direction because that means jobs and hope for thousands of Albertans right across our great province.”