NDP would be an “economic disaster” for Alberta energy industry: Senator Doug Black


Ottawa, April 29, 2015 –The election of an NDP government would be an economic disaster for Alberta and its energy industry says Alberta-elected Senator Doug Black.

“If there is one sure way to get rid of the Alberta advantage, it’s to elect an NDP government,” said Senator Doug Black. “Their position on pipelines, royalties and our energy industry would turn back the clock on decades of progress we’ve made in Alberta.”

Senator Black cites recent comments made by NDP leader Rachel Notley questioning the Northern Gateway pipeline and platform promises to increase corporate taxes and review royalties in Alberta. He has been touring the country this spring on energy issues, including market access, and canvassing business leaders across Canada on energy development.

“What I’m hearing is that our province is at a crossroads on energy and market access is fundamental to our prosperity. The NDP position on Gateway, taxes and royalties should make all Albertans very worried,” said the Senator. “The reality is that if Ms. Notley is elected, we will see fewer jobs, substantially higher taxes and lower economic growth in Alberta,” said the Senator.

Senator Black highlighted the importance of energy to the Alberta economy, including pipelines:

  • Energy development is the largest contributor to Alberta’s GDP, capital investments and exports (Government of Alberta).
  • There are over 9,000 equipment and service firms employing 120,000 Albertans in 2013 (Government of Alberta).
  • According to the Canada West Foundation, stalled pipeline projects, if approved, could add $1.3-trillion of economic output and $281-billion in tax revenue to Canada and billions to Alberta.
  • Achieving market access would result in over $10 billion additionally in annual value of exported goods (Government of Alberta).

“The NDP has a no-win position on energy for Alberta,” said Senator Black. “With historically low oil prices, this is no time to experiment with new taxes and stalled projects.”