NDP Votes Against Openness, Accountability, on Property Rights: UCP

NDP Votes Against Openness, Accountability, on Property Rights: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: NDP members of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship have voted down a motion by UCP MLA Wayne Drysdale to have an all-party committee review of the Property Rights Advocate Act, instead amending Drysdale’s motion to conduct a government only review with no deadline.

Their decision further reiterates questions surrounding the NDP’s willingness to have a transparent process related to property rights, and more specifically the Property Rights Advocate’s Office.

“Common sense did not prevail at the Resource Stewardship committee. The Property Rights Advocate herself asked for this review,” United Conservative Property Rights Critic Rick Strankman said. “When given the chance to have an open and accountable review of Property Rights Advocate’s role and ability to deal with all property rights issues effectively, the NDP said no. They would rather do a review behind closed doors in a way that the public can’t provide input.”

Drysdale concluded by saying that to make matters worse, not only will the NDP not conduct a public review, they wouldn’t even commit to a January 1, 2019 deadline for the review.

“The actions of the NDP members on the Resource Stewardship Committee showed that they were entirely uninterested in having accountability to Albertans with a review,” Drysdale said. “It’s disappointing, but not surprising, to see the unwillingness of the NDP to modernize and streamline the Property Rights Advocate Act.”