NDP Throne Speech Out-of-Touch with Albertans

Today’s NDP Throne Speech said nothing about the jobs crisis, nothing about getting Albertans back to work, and nothing about bringing jobs back to Alberta.

Edmonton, AB (March 18, 2019) – United Conservative leader Jason Kenney has issued the following statement regarding the NDP government’s Speech from the Throne in the Alberta Legislature today:

“Today’s Throne Speech reveals an NDP government that is completely out of touch with the economic reality facing Albertans.

“Alberta is in a jobs crisis. 183,000 Albertans are out of work, 43,000 more than when the NDP came to office. In the last four months alone, 48,000 full-time jobs have been lost. Calgary has the highest unemployment rate of any Canadian city, and Edmonton is the third-highest. Tens of thousands of Albertans have given up looking for work, and employment for young men is at its lowest level in statistical history.

“Today’s Throne Speech said nothing about this jobs crisis. Nothing about getting Albertans back to work. Nothing about bringing jobs back to Alberta.

“It says nothing about a plan to get pipelines built, or to stand up for Alberta against Justin Trudeau and the left-wing special interest groups that are trying to landlock our resources.

“In their last Speech from the Throne, after months of mocking United Conservatives urging them to do so, the NDP triumphantly claimed that they would ‘turn off the taps’ to British Columbia if that province’s NDP government didn’t stop its efforts against the Trans Mountain pipeline. They never followed through, and today, the BC NDP government is in court arguing against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

“On Friday, a US appeals court ruled against the needed Keystone XL pipeline, and Alberta’s NDP government has remained silent since. All of this after the Trudeau Liberals killed the Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines without a word of opposition from Alberta’s NDP.

“Meanwhile, the NDP is digging us into a $100 billion debt hole. This last year alone, they spent more on interest payments to bankers than they did on 19 of 23 government departments.

“We need a government that is focused on getting this province back to work, creating jobs, building pipelines, and fighting for Alberta.

“As we’ve said every day since February 1: stop the charade, stop hiding from voters. Call the election, and let them choose a government that will clean up the NDP’s economic mess, and get or province back to work.”