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NDP Still Limiting Consultation with Farmers: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (December 30, 2015): It is only through sheer luck that family farmers and ranchers will be able to provide input with a public survey being shut down this weekend, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

On the NDP government’s website there is one link to the online consultation listed at the very bottom of the webpage. The consultation ends on Jan. 3. The same webpage also states that the government offices are closed until Jan. 3. It is unclear when the survey was posted.

“You’d think the NDP would have learned their lesson about lack of consultation with Bill 6, and be going out of their way to ensure that family farmers and ranchers were consulted on the regulations related to this bill,” Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter said. “Instead, they’ve chosen to spend over $250,000 on ads promoting how great this omnibus legislation is, while keeping farmers in the dark about being consulted.”

While the consultation panels that the NDP government is proposing are loosely based on the Wildrose call for a Farm Safety Panel, there is no guarantee that the farmers and ranchers who will be directly impacted by the regulations will have a prominent number of seats on each of the six panels.

“If the NDP want to create a system that is responsive to the needs of farmers and ranchers, those people need to be at the table, plain and simple,” Wildrose Shadow Agriculture Minister Rick Strankman said. “The January 3 deadline for the survey is arbitrary, and less than one month after the bill was rammed through the legislature. They need to slow down this process and actually listen to the people whose livelihoods they are affecting.”



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