NDP “Social License” Scheme a Complete Failure

NDP “Social License” Scheme a Complete Failure

EDMONTON, AB: As Premier Notley continues her pipeline road show this week in British Columbia, the NDP’s attempt to secure so-called  “social license” is failing miserably.

When the NDP introduced its economy-wide carbon tax in 2015 – a tax it did not campaign on – it promised Albertans that this would buy the “social license” required to build much-needed pipelines. In reality, anti-pipeline environmentalists, and even the NDP’s B.C. comrades, are more determined than ever to shut down Alberta’s energy industry.

“Albertans were sold a bill of goods when the NDP promised so-called social license in exchange for their job-killing carbon tax,” said United Conservative Opposition Leader Jason Nixon. “Instead, opponents of our energy industry have doubled down on their promise to block much-needed pipelines at all costs. Meanwhile, Albertans are still on the hook for a carbon tax that has taken billions out of their pockets and given nothing in return.”

“It’s clear the NDP no longer have a leg to stand on when it comes to justifying their job-killing carbon tax that has raised the cost of virtually everything for Alberta families,” said UCP Energy Critic Prasad Panda. “Opposition to pipelines, and to Alberta’s energy industry in general, continues despite the NDP’s false promises of ‘social licence.’ The Trudeau Liberals haven’t lifted a finger to get approved pipelines built, yet the NDP willingly accepts.  their 67% carbon tax increase – before an inch of pipeline had even been built. In light of this failure, we are calling on the NDP to immediately suspend the planned increase to the carbon tax.

The NDP’s “social licence” is such a failure, that two of the NDP’s hand-picked members of the government’s Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG), Tzeporah Berman and Karen Mahon, have vowed to do everything they can, including taking illegal action, to kill the federally-approved Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline.