NDP Shuts Down UCP Effort to Hold Trudeau Liberals to Account

Edmonton, AB: Earlier this week, the Notley NDP refused to allow debate on a common-sense motion requesting that the Government of Alberta demand the federal government to amend the National Energy Board Act to prohibit including upstream and downstream emissions in pipeline approval assessments.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislature Jason Nixon requested debate on the following straightforward motion:

“Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government to immediately demand that the Government of Canada introduce amendments to the National Energy Board Act that would prohibit the Board from considering upstream and downstream emissions in pipeline approval assessments.”

“The NDP claims that they oppose the federal changes, yet they blocked a common-sense attempt to send a clear message to the Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa,” said UCP Leader Jason Kenney.

“Given the major economic implications for Alberta’s economy, I would have hoped that we could reach unanimous consent on this important, common-sense motion. It appears that the NDP is once again siding with their Trudeau Liberal allies, instead of standing up for Alberta,” concluded Kenney.

In September, TransCanada announced a 30-day suspension of their Energy East application, citing “recent changes announced by the NEB.” Following that, TransCanada announced that they had terminated their application entirely.