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NDP RFP for Ecofitt Violates Spirit of Law Banning Door-to-door Energy Sales: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: Information from the request for proposal (RFP) that was awarded to Ontario-based Ecofitt to install light bulbs in people’s homes shows the program is in direct contradiction to the NDP government’s ban on door-to-door sales from energy companies, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Under program delivery, the RFP lays out how the company can notify residents “of all other energy efficiency opportunities in the home … and cross-promote other energy efficiency programs and services available.”

On the NDP government’s website promoting the program, Albertans are told Ecofitt is “not selling anything, and they will never ask for your money.”

“It’s clear this contract mandates Ecofitt to try and upsell products to Albertans after they get into their homes,” Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen said. “It certainly looks like the government is breaking the spirit of their regulations when it comes to energy companies selling products, all to the benefit of one out-of-province company.”

Last week, it was revealed Phillips misled Albertans when she claimed Ecofitt was the “lowest cost provider” for her new program, when in fact it was the third-lowest bid.

Cost is quickly running out of control for the program, with more homes signing up for the program than the government anticipated. The RFP said the government anticipated products for approximately 51,450 homes and over 19,000 apartments, but that number has quickly grown to nearly 100,000.

Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre called the sweetheart contract and the lack of any controls a sign of complete waste and mismanagement from the NDP government.

“The entire program is becoming a symbol of waste and mismanagement for this NDP government,” MacIntyre said. “The government has botched this file from the very beginning and it’s going to cost taxpayers big time. They should just scrap the carbon tax and empower homeowners to spend their money how they best see fit.”

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