NDP Restrict Debate for over $18 Billion in Spending


EDMONTON, AB (June 16, 2015): The NDP are set to pass over $18 billion in spending with only three hours of debate in the legislature, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

That is $86 million of spending for every minute of debate, and $6 billion for every hour.

“The NDP can’t just ask for a blank cheque on almost 50 per cent of the overall budget to be passed without any real debate or transparency,” Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt said. “The actual budget might not pass until December, and without a full picture of Alberta’s finances, we have no idea how much red ink the province will be running up over the next several months.”

In opposition, current NDP House Leader Brian Mason would consistently oppose any measures taken by the PC government to restrict debate in the house.

The previous supply bill had several line items of questionable spending, such as millions of dollars for the Kananaskis golf course. Mason recently said 10 per cent of the $18 billion being put forward will be new spending items.

“We were hoping for a new tone this session after a historic change in government,” Fildebrandt said. “Ramming through $18 billion in new spending without proper checks and balances is the same old bad practices put through by the old government. Albertans deserve better.”