NDP Promises Keep Adding Up

EDMONTON – The NDP platform would increase Alberta’s dependency on oil and gas revenue, costing taxpayers an additional $22 billion over five years with no plan to restrain government spending and no plan to contribute to the Heritage Savings Trust Fund. With more spending as the only NDP solution, Albertans won’t see a balanced budget any time soon.

“The cost of expensive NDP promises just keeps adding up for Albertans and is unrealistic in this economic environment. They have failed to include the real cost of growth pressures to health care, which alone amounts to $6.6 billion in miscalculated costs. Under these circumstances, the only way to balance the provincial budget would be to break promises to Albertans.” 

– Stephen Mandel

In addition to the over $6.6 billion in health care miscalculations, the NDP platform doesn’t account for promises to reduce classroom size, providing programs like
full-day kindergarten or subsidized day care. This amounts to $10.1 billion in spending commitments that are not fully costed, making deficit budgets a certainty long into the future. In fact, the NDP accumulated 5-year deficit will actually total $20.5 billion.

“It’s clear that the NDP has no plan to get Alberta off the boom and bust cycle, and in fact, would make us more dependent on oil and gas revenue to pay for government spending,” said Mandel. “This platform neglects any notion of savings and puts Alberta’s future at risk.”

Source Alberta PC