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NDP Picked Most Expensive Bid for Calgary Cancer Center

EDMONTON, AB: United Conservative Party Infrastructure Critic Glenn van Dijken revealed in Question Period (last week) that the NDP Government selected the most expensive bid for the Calgary Cancer Center.

The bid selected came in at $1.122 billion, a full $206 million more than the least expensive bid; and will take eight months longer to construct.

“I was under the impression that the price spread was too large for Alberta Infrastructure to select the highest bidder,” said van Dijken.

Under questioning, the NDP gave no indication what the extra $206 million was for or why the project was going to take eight months longer to build.

“It makes you wonder, if the NDP are really concerned about deficits and debt and what else is the NDP building where the lowest price is not being selected?” concluded van Dijken.

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