NDP Once Again Forced to Defend Pipelines: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB (January 12, 2016): Following a pattern set by the NDP government in offering support for Keystone XL after it was rejected by the Obama administration, the NDP have written their support in favour of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project to the National Energy Board, but only after the B.C. government said it is opposed to the current project, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Wildrose has been a staunch advocate for pipelines in every direction to tidewater, and has voiced it’s dismay at weak government support for Alberta’s largest sector, particularly for pipeline projects.

“In a time of economic uncertainty and when tens of thousands of Albertans are looking for work, we hoped the NDP government would do everything in their power to loudly and proudly support key pipeline projects,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Instead, we got weak ‘disappointment’ from Ms. Notley when the Obama administration turned down Keystone XL, and ‘shrugging off’ the B.C. government’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan expansion. Albertans deserve better.”

The NDP government has not offered any support to the Northern Gateway pipeline project, while it has previously suggested moving the Trans Mountain pipeline’s terminal.

“Premier Notley is living in a dream world if she thinks a $3 billion dollar carbon tax and uncertainty because of a royalty review are the answers to Alberta’s current fiscal situation,” Jean said. “This premier is building a habit of making the case for pipelines either after they’ve been rejected, or once they face strong opposition.”

Wildrose will continue to advocate for business conditions that encourage investment, not turn it away to other jurisdictions.