NDP Must Provide Update on Highway Maintenance After Carillion Bankruptcy

EDMONTON, AB (January 16, 2018): The United Conservatives today are calling on Transportation Minister Brian Mason to provide Albertans with an update after Carillion PLC filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

Carillion is currently responsible for the maintenance of approximately 50 per cent of Alberta’s highways, including snow plowing. The NDP has yet to clarify who will assume this responsibility following the company’s collapse.

“The collapse of one of Alberta’s major highway maintenance contractors is deeply concerning, especially in the middle of winter,” said UCP Transportation Critic Wayne Drysdale. “Yesterday, I contacted the Minister’s office to inquire about the government’s plan to address this serious issue and have received no response. Albertans who drive these highways deserve to know how this government plans to keep them safe.”

With months of winter remaining, and snow in the forecast for portions of Carillion’s region, it is critical that the NDP develop and communicate an effective plan to ensure Alberta’s highways are properly maintained.